The travel industry is going through unprecedented change. Planning business travel is part of the job of each corporate. Each organization would like travel agent giving advices and providing better fares, seamless routing, significant savings and good customer services. At HAPPY STAR, we upgrade our technology to speed up the travel plan. When you contact us, our qualified consultants would know your needs, and we will customize and execute an effective travel plan that exceeds your expectations.


Since 1984, we have accumulated 28 years of experience in travel business, and being one of the leading members of the travel industry specialize in corporate travel management, we offer a breadth and depth of travel advices to match your company’s need. Being a service-first organization, we offer a level of personal services and accountability to our customers.

From simple point-to-point fare to more complex itineraries including multi-leg sector, we analyze your needs in order to provide you with options and suggest travel solutions. With the help of advance technology, you can access real time seat status, updated air fare, detailed itinerary and electronic ticket from our website, making your travel program easier along the way.


At Happy Star, our enduring relationships with suppliers at air, car and hotel programs means you can enjoy the best corporate discounts. With our management information (MI) reports, these give you a clear picture of your travel expenses. We analyze your travel program and ensure right policy to suit your travel need. While, Happy Star takes care of everything, from helping you plan your trips and suggest the most suitable corporate frequent travel program for you to enjoy airlines’ benefits and privileges.


Managing your company’s travel requirements from start to finish, our job does not stop after the ticket is issued. To keep abreast of changes, periodical email notifications will be dispatched to update the promotion and information. Client alert messages will be sent immediately when a sudden thing happened during your journey. To ensure client satisfaction, regular communication will be delivered periodically, and quarterly survey will be offered.


With our Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), we always know what your travel preferences; we can access them easily and accurately. Our privacy policy ensures that your personal information is never shared with anyone and your confidential information is safe with us. To meet the needs of our corporate clients, 24/7 rescue telephone line is ready for all of your travel emergencies. Our website offers useful travel information, including visa-free access, electric power, destination information; all designed to ensure your journey a breeze.


Sustainability is the key to success for all business, as aroused by growing awareness of all organizations. Happy Star is at the forefront of the environmental movement in Hong Kong, we entered the HSBC Living Business Awards in 2006 up to 2009, and being the winner of the awards. These awards recognize company who has made outstanding contribution to the environment and community to sustain long-term business success. We reduce using unnecessary paper and streamline our workflow with the use of advanced technologies. All our employees are involved in efforts to minimize use of paper and establish paperless office.