Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index

Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index 2012 – 2014


For the promotion of the understanding and the adoption of corporate social responsibility as a business model for achieving business sustainability in the Hong Kong business sector, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has now jointly compiled the Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index with the Hong Kong Productivity Council. This index mainly reflects the trends and achievements of a group of most progressive HK SMEs in CSR practices, serving as a benchmark of business sustainability in this sector.

In 2012, Happy Star Travel was was elected as one of the best 40 of those corporate companies among 180 SMEs for the index.  This index is compiled with information of the proven records of excellent performance in undertaking CSR initiatives. In order to capture the development and performance of business sustainability of SMEs in Hong Kong, the HKSME Business Sustainability Index will be compiled year by year and the updated index with the revised list of companies will be announced annually.

2014, PolyU has compiled the third HKSME Business Sustainability Index and that honours 43 SMEs with proven records of excellence in CSR initiatives and our company is one of the SMEs.

Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index Details